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Sale, Installation &Repair of Spray Booths, Prep Stations & Mixing Rooms

Burner Service by a G1 Licensed Gas Technician

Compressed air piping sales & installation

Complete mechanical check of Spraybooth system operation

High pressure washing and cleaning of tunnel and pit area, floor area and grates, spray booth interior, fan blades (Fan blade removed and cleaned when possible), louvers and dampers as well as entire exhaust chamber

Clean out and remove all water and overspray

Clean out all air flow tubes

Lubrication to all linkages and bearings where applicable

Full test of spray to bake flap box or damper system

Clean light lenses, replace bulbs and ballasts 

Check and change any belts required

Dust removal from all fan cooled motors

Check and replace Airline filters and bead kits

Check and replace door hardware

Check, replace or install Fresh Air Breather filter

Check and clean paint mixing room fan

Change filters where needed

Adjust and re-seal doors

Complete re-commissioning and pressure balance in spray and bake

Booth Coating

Check voltage and amperage on booth

Check Air Quality

Blowing out overhead filter plenums from dust and debris as well as a diffuser check

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