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RGI Mobile Prep Station

Mobile Prep

Construction: Dim: 10’wide x 8’high. Pre-punched single wall panels 18 ga. galvanized steel panels. Self-support airtight construction 6'' O.C precision punched.


Mechanical & Motor: (1) - 30” 12,900 CFM Tube-axial fan. 1) - 3HP-3PH-240v motor. High capacity exhaust & intake Directly connected to turbine.


Filters: [10] - Exhaust filters 1-20''x20" long.


Curtains: Tri-color curtain system Straight track 8' long Two- wheel nylon roller.


Lighting: 4' light fixtures with 4 fluorescent lamps(2) upper horizontal light fixtures. Energy efficient ballast 120V 60Hz.

POWERSAVER VFD: PowerSaver is a variable frequency drive technology 7.5hp.

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