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USI Italia Prep Stations

The preparation areas that complement the painting facilities which improve and speed up the finishing work.

Modular, multifunctional workstations specifically designed for surface preparation prior to spray coating.



▪ RAC150TU-1.5MBTU-ES heating/ventilating unit made of galvanized panels. 

▪ Equipped with two motors, each15HP.
▪ Two backward inclined blowers DIRECTLY COUPLED to motors.
▪ Variable Frequency Drives on both the intake and exhaust motors

▪ Fan air volume capacity 20,600 CFM with total pressure of 330Pa.
▪ Fan air volume capacity 16,500 CFM with total pressure of 740Pa.
▪ 1.5 million BTU modulating direct - fired burner for natural/propane gas. 

▪ 85%Air recirculation on curing phase.
▪ Dry multi - pocket type pre - filters and exhaust filters.
▪ Pre wired kit with conduit.


▪ Partial floor with 3 rows of galvanized steel grates over concrete pit. Dimensions 7’ 8” wide x 22’ 11” long with load capacity 4500 per axle, complete with grate supports and fibreglass floor filters underneath.

RGI Prep Stations: Products
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